Thursday, June 28, 2018

PC Mexico

      When the Talk of „J“ began, I lost my sight (it turned black) and then I saw a big, dark window. And through the light, I saw a man dressed in white. Maybe we write in this way: He had blood on his hands. He had the nail holes in his hands and the blood. He walked towards us while showing us His hands. He had a beautiful face and beautiful wavy hair. Then He disappeared and I saw a big, white and very beautiful Host. After that I saw a rose and in the middle of it was the same white dressed man, and I saw a yellow or gold, bright, thorny crown.

Then I saw a white light and the same white dressed person in it behind „J“. When „J“ moved, this Person behind him moved the same way as „J“, his hands surrounded in a very white light. After this, the vision disappeared and I saw nothing else.
This vision took place during the first talk of the Seminar.
PC. - 24 Nov. 2016 (México City)

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