Saturday, May 9, 2015

CR from France

I discovered Maria Divine Mercy like this: I was sick of not finding a serious site on Jesus, God, etc. So I just asked my guardian angel to show me a serious site, a forum, short enough to open my eyes to the soul... and I was answered: it was among the first results of my research, a sentence at random like "seek God."

I had a passion to create a prayer group and now is done. There is very little in this group but I am not impatient, not even friends with whom we pray. For now, my feedback on the same prayers are positive: our prayer intentions were all listened, answered.

My husband, knowing that our house receives the prayer group, we have never been so bothered by rubbish or more important things in our lives: for example, each administration is complicated by paper losses, foul-ups or other; certain portions of our house have a weakened suddenly we suddenly become unable to care for; job loss due to depression, attacks, various attacks during my pregnancies, etc. To off as soon as there is possibility of human error or malicious intent, we take full figure, everything is amplified and far more frequently than before the creation of our group. So much so that at one point I almost break down and stop the unit! but it's really non-stop.

But again, Jesus was with us. We give Him our sorrows, and give Him the things that we can not get to do, more or less, so it's OK.

We are not alone, it is an undeniable fact, and somewhere our concerns in relation to those of Jesus, it's nothing. So... we wait.

Key facts


One day, we were up to 6 or 7 to pray. No problem I came home from my job and right out louder and louder, I felt you, kept me going home for prayer, my heart was swelling with joy, so that, apart from discomfort, I arrived with a smile and without fatigue, as if I was floating. But evil won many nights, I have weird nightmares, to speak euphemistically: a monster trying to get me out of my body. I prayed in my sleep (yes!) And hair spiky hair, heavy negative presence, but not visible to the eye after prayers and prayers, then I felt the presence of Our Mother.

Another attack... another negative creature attacked me, I was hiding and I could see. Attacks by very strong temptations to the point of hurting like giving birth, unlike the other attack, I could describe the monster easily a shadow. Yet resolved by prayers.

Other attacks: temptations so strong that if I resist, it is migraine, and very very very high pressure inside the body... it crushes me at night, I was blown in terror yet I'm still here to talk about it and it strengthens me, but we are small to face this things! Fortunately You are up there!

Thanks to my guardian angel for his job, he deserves a medal for that one!


Many times, I felt the Holy Spirit, I've had have some visions, which is really nice! Widely listened to prayers. A kind of peace of mind in turmoil. More the storm blows stronger, I am quiet after. Worried about the little things in life, but within. Increased confidence in the Divine.

Through visions, very strong confidence in the future; deep love for the Divine. Short, if we are still here and healthy, with the house still standing, is good, through the Divine intercession, there is no problem about that.

All this is worth it. Seriously.