Saturday, June 27, 2015

LC from Netherlands

Having found the Mission in 2012, I hadn’t realized until I began reading the Messages, the very first of which gave great emotion and a joy never before experienced and reciting the prayers and litanies, the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet each day, that I had sadly lacked a prayerful life. Since that first day, I have not stopped this desire. It amazes me that when I do miss a day or leave it too late in the day to pray, that my day doesn’t operate as well as it could. 

It has been a Grace given to desire the Salvation of souls. Where once I would have thought, ‘they choose their life’s path’ and leave them to it, now I know it is my duty to pray for their conversion. It gives me peace and joy to do this.

I have learned so much more about what the True Church of Christ is which was sadly lacking even though I am a Catholic. I understand more of what is required of me as a Catholic and a child of God. I make greater use of the Sacrament of Confession than I ever did before.

Every day I see now as a Blessing – a Miracle. My children and husband are beginning to see the events in the world and understand that what I have read to them from the Book of Truth is more apparent, to the point that they can’t ignore it. 

Never before this Mission had I yearned to see Christ’s Face in Paradise – I didn’t know what Paradise was – I just thought that one day I might get to Heaven, but now realize it is so much more – if that is even possible.

I have met the most beautiful people in the Mission who show such zeal and fortitude –  strength beyond our everyday friendships. How glorious to speak about faith with kindred souls. 

This Mission is Truth – The Book of Truth is our Life’s Path now until Paradise. In the meantime I could never fathom this generation being chosen to see Christ’s Return. Scripture to me was like Shakespeare – I couldn’t grasp it, but now since Jesus has explained so much, I look for anything I can find in Scripture which helps me to understand more about what this Mission is all about – it was all foretold – isn’t that just marvelous? Praise Jesus!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

MW from Maryland, USA

I don't have to much to say other then I grew up a Catholic and believing in God's prophets. When my older sister told me about MDM in 2011, I started reading the messages and praying the Crusade prayers and asking humbly for discernment. With in a couple days I felt the Holy Spirit in a strong way and knew my answer... Blessings.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

JG St. Louis USA

June 2013 Book of Truth Seminar

In the Spring of 2013, I was contacted about the probability of having a seminar in St.Louis.   “Did we think there would be enough people interested in attending?”
I discussed this with my prayer group and we were all honored by the request and we agreed we would work together to make it a successful event.
I responded that we would be honored to have the event. I later learned that the Lord had chosen the cities for the United States seminars.  The seminars started on the West Coast with 3 stops in California, 2 in Texas, 2 in Missouri and 2 on the East Coast.
Shortly after the announcement of the St.Louis seminars, our prayer group started having miraculous events happening. It was also at this time when this message was given
During prayer group, I could see a tall pillar of light standing in the center of the group. The next day I searched the main website and found a message that related to seeing this light during prayer group.
“For each Prayer Group set up, to recite the Crusade Prayers, a special Grace will be given to you by my precious Son.
He is present in every group and He will make you aware of this. You will feel His Love and then you will witness the fruits, as they will pour forth and spread His Most Holy Word.” 
The following week at prayer group, I remembered this message and asked our Lord and Our Lady to be with us during our prayer group and I saw the light again.  
Mary, who hosts our prayer group, had received a new statue of Our Lord and set it on the table with the Blessed candles, crucifix and a bible.  
Shortly after introducing the statue to the group, the statues arms and hands started to move. Mary had it blessed and He is always present during group now. 
One night at group, while praying the chaplet of Divine Mercy, I was praying for Our Lord and Lady to be with us and protect us,
it was during that time my mom sitting next to me could see with her eyes closed a lightning bolt shooting out from the statue towards me.  
This is the statue, it stands about 18” inches tall.
I have personally seen the hands fold as if to beckon me to come to Him.
I started preparing for the seminars and I had lawn signs made to make it easier to see where the seminar was on the busy street.

After the seminar, I went out to collect the signs, as I walked up the hill to pull it out of the ground, I noticed the light actually worked and it was directed at the center of the seal. My mom was on the side walk watching me and saw the face of Jesus in the seal. She said it was the Precious Blood of Jesus face.
She has seen this face at other times in the seal as well.
I am completely dedicated to this mission and I hope this information will be a blessing in your life.
God Bless