Saturday, June 27, 2015

LC from Netherlands

Having found the Mission in 2012, I hadn’t realized until I began reading the Messages, the very first of which gave great emotion and a joy never before experienced and reciting the prayers and litanies, the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet each day, that I had sadly lacked a prayerful life. Since that first day, I have not stopped this desire. It amazes me that when I do miss a day or leave it too late in the day to pray, that my day doesn’t operate as well as it could. 

It has been a Grace given to desire the Salvation of souls. Where once I would have thought, ‘they choose their life’s path’ and leave them to it, now I know it is my duty to pray for their conversion. It gives me peace and joy to do this.

I have learned so much more about what the True Church of Christ is which was sadly lacking even though I am a Catholic. I understand more of what is required of me as a Catholic and a child of God. I make greater use of the Sacrament of Confession than I ever did before.

Every day I see now as a Blessing – a Miracle. My children and husband are beginning to see the events in the world and understand that what I have read to them from the Book of Truth is more apparent, to the point that they can’t ignore it. 

Never before this Mission had I yearned to see Christ’s Face in Paradise – I didn’t know what Paradise was – I just thought that one day I might get to Heaven, but now realize it is so much more – if that is even possible.

I have met the most beautiful people in the Mission who show such zeal and fortitude –  strength beyond our everyday friendships. How glorious to speak about faith with kindred souls. 

This Mission is Truth – The Book of Truth is our Life’s Path now until Paradise. In the meantime I could never fathom this generation being chosen to see Christ’s Return. Scripture to me was like Shakespeare – I couldn’t grasp it, but now since Jesus has explained so much, I look for anything I can find in Scripture which helps me to understand more about what this Mission is all about – it was all foretold – isn’t that just marvelous? Praise Jesus!

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