Wednesday, April 29, 2015

EV from Argentina

Since I am praying the crusades I've increased my desire to pray every day. Going to Mass and really live it with my heart, feel the sacrifice of Jesus. I understand every word in the readings of the Mass now. And every word is a word of the Lord to me and my family, He speaks clearly about the end of times. Blessed be the Lord for choosing us for this great mission.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

EH from Salvador

We moved into a new house, because we needed more space, I was broke economically not working, just my husband, we lived a little tight, so I decided to look for work online, something I never had done, that night I couldn't sleep, felt as if something was calling me, there was something, I don't know how to explain it, something that pulled me and felt the need to search the net, I spent four months looking for something I did not know what it was, I had no idea what was happening to me... I started reading passages from the Bible and it was like if God spoke to me... I literally got on the internet websites of messages from other seers, but it did not satisfy me, it was not what I wanted until finally one day, I started reading reviews messages from Maria of Divine Mercy, I had never heard of her, this was in 2011, so I got to the website in Spanish "El gran aviso" (the Great Warning), I started reading the messages, I saw that they were closely related to the prophecies of Fatima, when I was little I read a book describing the chastisement, with the 3 days of darkness.

That's how I began to read each message, it like was a punch in my heart and it made me cry, made me remember how I felt when I was little... but this time, it was the same Jesus who filled me... I remember reading many against the mission, so I asked the Lord to give me a sign that this was the right way, I closed my eyes and He flooded me with great peace that I've never before felt, realized that this was a "Yes".

By entering this mission, I joined a crusade prayer, go to Mass, Holy Hour, praying the Rosary, took a radical change in my life and then came the attacks of evil, I began to have nightmares, I saw three times demons in my dreams, dreamed that my daughter was possessed, growling at me and told me that "do you think that us will defeated by reading these messages and pray those prayers?" then I started to recite prayers I'd learned especially "Who like God, No one like God", until I woke up.

For several days, I felt many things in my house, evil presences, fear the night shadows looked at horrible faces, then prayed harder, made the St Michael's exorcism prayer twice, the first time, I'd heard the fluttering of wings inside the room, of course we always had holy water in my house.

In closing, I will say that I got married through the Catholic Church with an atheist, who did not want to enter the church, but now goes to church with me and my daughter, now I started a new business under the blessing and the help of the Lord. 

MDM messages completely changed my life and opened my eyes to many things, but especially, understood in my soul: a burning desire to love and serve God, here and in the afterlife... Amen.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

FM from Australia

My prayers are crusade prayers, the Rosary and of course the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Always pray the Litanies and crusade prayer# 104.

I prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet, in particular for a young man who was dying of cancer. He died and I felt sad and hopeful that God had heard my prayers for this young man. At his funeral I walked over to the coffin and prayed and then went back to my seat to pray again, when my heart was heavy, hoping that Jesus could be merciful to this young man, and there it was, in front of me a blazing red heart surrounded with golden flashing light, with my tears rolling down because God had granted Mercy to this young man.

RH from Kentucky, USA

I was raised in a liberal Catholic diocese. I learned very little of the true Catholic faith, even though I had attended 12 years of Catholic school. By my mid 30s I was questioning the existence of God. A series of events led my family to Kentucky. At that time I did not pray, I did not love others, and I definitely did not love or even think about Jesus. In spring of 2010, a woman invited me to a prayer group that prayed the Rosary and the Divine Mercy. I had never heard of Divine Mercy and I had to use cheat sheets for the Rosary! In the first week of November 2010, I attended a healing service. That day began my super speedy conversion. I later learned the day of the healing service was very close to, if not the exact day, that Maria of Divine Mercy received her first message. I was led to many books on the lives of the Saints and then learned through reading about the Warning. In the summer of 2011, my neighbor and current Crusade Prayer friend, found the Second Coming website. I felt very drawn to it. When the Crusade Prayers were given, I diligently prayed each one every day. Through all this I started attending daily mass, weekly confession, and weekly Adoration. I must be a high maintenance soul, for I have been a given too many graces to mention in regards to praying these prayers, but they include seeing the Holy Face of Jesus and feeling my soul heal after receiving Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, as well as being “shown” people to pray for and being shown a soul who was saved by one of my Crusade Prayer 104. I have no doubt that I was converted to pray the Crusade prayers and to help Jesus save souls. My love for Him and others is beyond what I ever could have imagined. Jesus, I trust in You!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

SS from India.

More details about my testimony. My Oldest son bought a rosary at St. Thomas Mount. He used it for a week or so. It was kept on the mantelpiece. One evening I noticed that it was knotted in impossible to remove knots. I kept it inside for a week or so. A few days back, both of us went to the SANTHOME Blessed Sacrament, so I took it with me and placed on the seat beside me. It was still knotted when I brought it back home. But later when I gently pulled at one end, it came out miraculously unraveled.
We are all being afflicted and attacked in various ways. This is proof that Jesus is watching and is on our side. Praise Jesus.

RW from Texas, USA

I do have a testimony... regarding both my husband and I. It is a testimony of spiritual salvation and hope, which the messages, given to MDM to share with the world, have offered us. We're both living proof that God is real and that His Love and Mercy are Great and beyond our human understanding. We thank God for guiding us towards MDM back in February of 2013, just before our beloved Pope Benedict XVI's "resignation", and the Heavenly Messages she has shared (and will continue to share) with the world.

Monday, April 20, 2015

KV from Netherlands

I have spent time with the Lord, and was carried out to seek information through Google, about the end of times, and did find this messages and His prophet Maria of Divine Mercy, I said yes to our Lord and today I am an unceasing prayer to the Holy Trinity for the salvation of all souls... the Lord Jesus also taught me to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and have the Body and Blood of our Lord, Amen. Today we are all led to pray for all the souls, but each has its own task for the salvation of souls, and be a blessing of God for everyone.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

CR from New Jersey, USA

I have always been a deep prayer of the Rosary because ever since I was little my Grandma used to gather the whole family up and pray the Legion of Mary EVERY 7 o'clock. When she passed in 2001, our family stopped praying the Rosary and we literally fell apart. As moral individuals and as a family as a whole. She really was our glue that helped us stay together. I tried saying the Rosary by myself once in a while, but it wasn't the same. My life started going down hill. I started being friends with the wrong crew and lived a very not so Christian like lifestyle. I was wounded in so many ways. I had such a huge heart, yet I was chasing after all the wrong things. Money, going to clubs and parties, friends that were not good for me, all the things Satan controlled in this world I was after.
One day I just fell to my knees and cried to Jesus because I was literally so unhappy and was dying. My soul was dying. My soul was filled with so many immoral things and very grave sins. I couldn't take it anymore. I saw the Divine Mercy picture and started saying the Chaplet and from that day on... I've been trying to say it every day. This was in 2007. I fell apart again throughout the years because I stopped praying the Rosary and the Chaplet. I was being tormented in so many ways through the people I loved.
Finally in 2011 I asked our Blessed Mother to please bring me closer to Jesus in any way she knew how. The next day I was researching Our Lady of Roses on the Internet and lo and behold the Book of Truth website was up and I started reading it inside and out. Every Message every time. It was like food for my soul!
But my house was not protected and I kept getting attacked every time I opened the Book!
I asked St Michael for help and next thing you know it stopped. The outside torment stopped. I heard thunder outside  and I felt my whole house shake as if the Heavens were helping me get rid of all the demons outside my house!

I sealed my home with Holy water as well as miraculous medals and St Benedict medals. I have never doubted these End time Messages. If you read the Bible and you know who Jesus is in your life, you KNOW that He is the Author of these Messages and He is literally changing the lives of people through this Book of Truth.

I have literally given Him my Will and I haven't looked back since. He needs us in these last days. And He is letting us know how to serve Him better each and every day. Amen!

DO from Phillipines

I've been active in Catholic charismatic movement since 1992. I was renewed by Christ. He changed my life. I came to know about Maria of Divine Mercy through Google. I was wandering what is happening in our world, why is it the time runs out fast? I read the bible 2 Peter, Revelation, 2 Timothy, Mathew 24 all about the second coming of Christ. I have a vision of a huge rock falling down from the sky. I searched on Google about "End times", many of them predicted the time when the end comes and one of them is December 21 2012. I know that the bible said no one knows the time only the Father in Heaven. So I said those are false prophecies, but not until I opened the MDM website and read the messages. I said this is it, authentic one biblically based. It really touches my heart when reading them. And so I will continue to read them...

Saturday, April 18, 2015

PR from Manila, Phillipines

I do have some testimonies, especially about the Seal of the Living God. I printed some pocket-size copies of the Seal and my son had one copy in his pocket. One day, while cycling, he met an accident. A jeepney which is a common means of transport in Manila, hit his bicycle and he fell down in the roadside. To my surprise, he never had any bone fracture but only a minor bruise in his leg. Similarly, while I was working in Doha, Qatar, I suffered an acute hypertensive attack (like an heart attack). I pasted the Seal of the Living God in the wall beside me (not minding what the Muslim people around me would say) and started praying the Holy Rosary. Thanks God, I was able to survive the heart attack. I had two more heart attacks in January and December last year. Thanks God, by putting the (laminated) Seal over my chest, I also survived both serious health problems. Praised be the name of the Lord who saved us!

Friday, April 17, 2015

JS from Barcelona, Spain

It all started several years ago when in my hands I get a little book of Divine Mercy, extracts from the diary of St. Faustina... there it began my slow conversion process. I come from a Catholic family, like any other Catholic who has received the sacraments of baptism, communion, confirmation, but still, in me... there wasn't a true love for God and the most Holy Trinity. One day, while I was in my office I started a search on Christina Gallagher, and to my surprise I found the wonderful messages of the Holy Trinity and the Mother of Salvation through Maria of Divine Mercy.

When I discovered this messages which were given almost daily, I began to read them and for me they were like candy to my soul! I started to print the prayers and read the messages. Shortly after you begin with prayers, came to my hand more prayers of healing, of consecration and my pending task: the Holy Rosary.
Started to recite the consecration to the Blessed Mother, this especially lasted 33 days of preparation and the day 34 was the consecration. For me it was something unique because I started to feel true devotion for our Mother.

Through the messages of MDM, our Mother, to me it was like an order being given and I obeyed. I began with 3 consecutive mysteries. Then I join a group of prayer and this has continue to be my life in prayer.

I felt each day more attracted to my religion, spiritual things, I began to worship. An hour and more, dedicated to our Lord in contemplation.
Jesus removed me the veil from my eyes and I see for the first time, so clearly, that at first it scared me. I see with absolute clarity the strategies of the enemy, the evil one. Also started educating my small daughter about God. The mass, communion, prayers and others. My 10-year-old girl is my perfect companion of prayer and even if I don't get it every day, there are many times we pray together.
I try to go to mass every day. I have consecrated s the Virgin Maria on two occasions, I am a change person. Love for the people, patience, pray for the brothers, caring more about others, pray, pray and pray... Also the Holy Spirit has sensitized me in order to recognize what does not come from God. He  guides me, always fulfilling the will of God and not my own. It's not easy, I am a sinner, but the big difference now is, that when I fall I get up and leave running, fleeing from anything that may offends our Father.
I feel God's presence most strongly in my heart, than ever before. But I've also received rejection, in my own family. A friend tells me that I should follow Bergoglio but if I say that he is doing something strange and offensive, then they tell me that I could be infested with demons.
Jesus allows me to be serene every day, pray constantly and live a life according to God's commandments, trying to please Him all the time. A hug in in Jesus and Mary!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

BM from Phillipines

I read Maria of Divine Mercy messages since Feb. 2012 and got hooked and believed God is really talking to us. I formed my prayer group and had branched with another place. God used our group to help people organized their own. Members come and go on their own even abroad. Right now our FB page is no longer active since April 11. My testimony is just that to God be the glory.
Right now my members will pray on the double. Spreading the Seal and  the crusade prayer 33, etc. is our goal and always stay in a state of grace at all times... pray the Rosary... way of the cross and regular mass. 
My group will be more dedicated this time I am more excited for the future... our goal is Heaven. 
Thanks and God bless all.