Tuesday, March 31, 2015

K from England

Thanks be to God for that. I will send you the photo of the medal of salvation, it has a little story too... One of our crusaders, was under spiritual attack and asked me to pray for her, I had received some medals of salvation that week and they weren't available yet in her country so I asked for her address to post one to her. I told her I would take a photo of it so she could maybe have the protection from our mother of salvation by keeping the photo I would send in a pm until she receive the medal in the post. I took several photos of the medal, both sides, front and back and all the photos looked different, one looked like an old black & white photo of a young Mary with black hair and another looked like she does on the medal but with a smile and chubby cheeks, yet it's the same medal, taken with the same phone at the same time of day.

A few months later I asked some if they had photos of their medals and some looked gold, one looked like a tear but one I couldn't believe with my eyes was the one that looked like Jesus, like a black& white version of my sacred heart profile pic, to me these are the little signs and blessings from heaven that help us and I'm grateful for... 

See how it looks like Jesus when you zoom in : )

J from Malta

Hello, I like to pray and share the messages, I like to read them in Maltese I don't understand everything in English but I managed most of them. Not many believe in them but I do.

JB Virginia,USA

My faith, has been Ignited, in ways I often hoped for, definitely, directly because of the extra special gifts of this mission of Salvation, because of the Beautiful & Divine messages, that NO man could possibly think to write up out of solely his own mind; through the Crusade Prayers, The Holy Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet & many more prayers... I never went to weekly Confession before nor received The Holy Eucharist Truly worthily, I now have been doing these things for perhaps even two years now. I give credit all to this, God has placed fear for Him in my heart & I know for certain that time for me to prepare my heart & soul is short. 

These messages and prayers provide me with an Incredible amount of comfort, encouragement & assurance that The Holy Trinity, The Blessed Mother of Salvation, all The Saints and Angels in Heaven, even the prayerful & faithful here on Earth have my back in this, as long as I try my very best to repent often and offer up the sacrifices up as often as I can, which I do fail miserably at most of the time. This all helps me So much to become what God The Father has in store for me! 

God Bless you All, you will be in my daily prayers & I will hope & pray that I do not fall away from this mission like the many Judases out there whoever they are! Amen!

YG from Dominican Republic

In a Maria of Divine Mercy message given by God I remember reading that Almighty Father sees divorce as an great insult. When I'd read the message, at the time, I was divorcing my wife, so I asked my Lord forgiveness and try to reconcile with my wife and thanks to God as today we are together. I love her and she loves me.

K from Norway

Hello. From the very first prophecy given in 2010 I have had an instinctive feeling that MDM was a true prophet. I recite some of the prayers by heart every evening: The seal, the prayer of reconciliation and the prayer for my family and all families, that they may convert at the time of the warning - and in the Divine Will of course. With love and respect for MDM.