Thursday, June 28, 2018

CH from Chihuahua, Mexico

I will share with you that I was very much afraid of persecution, of scarcity, of wars, and so on. But I feel that the message I received from God is this: “Do not be afraid because those who trust in the ‘Seal of the Living God’, and pray the ‘Crusade Prayers’ with great faith, will receive protection when the time comes.” I also want to tell you that before the Prayer Meeting I did not feel like a real soldier of God in His Remnant Army, I thought, that was for people who are much more prepared and much more committed than I. But now I realize that the Remnant Army is formed by us, those who believe and trust in the messages, and God has chosen us because He needs us for the salvation of many souls. And now that I know that I am part of His Army I feel even more committed to preparing myself, since we were told that after The Warning happens, all those who have not heard the Messages or have not wanted to believe in them, will be searching for us to guide and teach them everything that God has taught us during these last few years. So we must feel as proud soldiers of His Army, because from among billions of people in the world God has chosen us to be part of His Army. And the reason ‘The Book of Truth’ comes into our hands, it is not a coincidence. It is because God chose us.

And finally I wish to share with you that, after seeing the great love for our Virgin Mary, that the missionaries who came to share their experiences have, I feel a great desire to unite myself more to Our Blessed Mother and try to be like Her, in order to feel me protected under Her Mantle.

May God bless all of us and help us to walk together to meet us again in the new paradise!!.

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