Thursday, June 28, 2018

MDM seminars Mexico (various testimonies)

    Some people attending this Seminar shared their testimonies on the last day, some in tbreak time and some at the end of the seminar:

·         A lady said that when the name of the Virgin Mary was said, in each of these moments, she perceived an aroma/fragrance of roses, and that the smell was very intense.

·         Another woman said that she saw that Jesus of the Divine Mercy appear on one of the walls of the stage; and that when the speakers and translators („T“, „J“, C and R) were up on the stage all together, she saw a sky-blue halo or mantle covering all of the four people. She also said that she saw like a little white light, the shape was similar to that of a Dove. The light settled in the heart of „J“ and it lasted a long time.

·         One man said that he saw a golden light behind „J“, and this light followed „J“ whenever he walked around the stage as he delivered his talk. 

Another person commented that behind „J“ she could see the silhouette of the Virgin Mary

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