Thursday, June 28, 2018

CG from Chihuahua, Mexico

In the Church, after the Seminar, the speakers (T“ and „J“) sat on the bench immediately in front of my family. My wife told me that she was smelling a very beautiful fragrance. She said this fragrance was not of a man or of woman. On several occasions during the Mass the smell was stronger. And she discovered that the smell came from „T“ and „J“ and when they moved the fragrance reached her. I was surprised, because neither my children nor I could smell this fragrance!! My wife told me that when they received Holy Communion the smell was more intense. One week later, we had our prayer group meeting in my mother's house. We discussed the experience of the Seminar and one of the ladies who attended the meeting, called A, who was sitting in the Church in a pew in front of „J“ and „T“, told us that she had also smelled the fragrance that was very exquisite, like a kind of oil fragrance. And this is for me, a confirmation of what my wife smelled that day. God bless them all. There is no doubt that God blesses and gives protection to his servants „J“ and „T“.

The experience is not compared to any retreat I have attended. The closeness of the brotherhood, and everything that we experienced there will be kept in our hearts. We are a great family that God has gathered.

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