Friday, June 29, 2018

Z from Mexico City

Everything started on the first day when I saw the fellow who was doing the speech about God and about ‘The Book of Truth’. And I could not believe that he („J“) was a missioner, because his appearance was like a normal person. I had another idea in my mind of what an envoy of God is like. On the first day I paid close attention to everything he said, thanks to C, who translated it. But I still had doubts in my mind, whether or not he was an envoy of God. The doubts remained until maybe 2.00pm, before we had a coffee break. I felt something which was like the presence of many people arriving among us. I could hear people from the street saying that they wanted to enter the building, because the Word of God was here. I was looking in direction of the entrance in order to see those people who I heard… but I saw nothing. I could only feel how one by one they were arriving for this speech. I heard that one of these people who I could not see, said, “Look there is the Word of God”. And again other of these people who I cannot see said, “He brings the Word of God”. But again I was looking to see who said that. And I saw nothing around me. But I felt how some of them came to be close to me, and in fact they positioned themselves very, very close to me in order to listen the speech of „J“. I was very surprised, but I didn´t talk to anyone about this, because if I told someone, I was concerned about what they would think of me?

On the Second day of the seminar, I was very focused on all that „J“ told us, but still I could not believe that he was a real envoy of God. During this time I was thinking that I was in a spiritual battle, because I heard inside of me, someone was saying to me, “Shout at „J“ and offend him with swear words, saying that he is nobody, he is not an envoy of God”. I tried to concentrate on the speech and tried to not to listen this bad voice, but this voice still wanted me to shout with swear words at „J“… At the same time in my mind I was thinking… if „J“ was an envoy of God, maybe he would be similar like Moses, with other clothes and other shoes, maybe with sandals and another appearance like in the Bible… and from one second to another, I saw that behind „J“, was the figure of a person, glowing golden in colour. Then the outline of „J“ began to glow with a golden light! Then, I was interrupted from the speech, because of this vision. In that moment I saw Jesus speak to me through „J“ and He said, “You are looking me and you still don´t believe me? I am present here.” This was the moment when and I began to cry because of His words, and what I was seeing touched me deep within my heart. I said loudly to Jesus, “Forgive me my God! Forgive me for not believing!” I was crying. First I fell, as I surrendered to Him and then I felt I should get on my knees because I was in His Presence, and I told Him, “I am not worthy to look at you, for I am a sinner.” And I wanted to cry more, as children do, but I had to control my crying, because there were many people there.

I absorbed everything that „J“ said. This vision of Jesus was resplendent. He was behind „J“, which also made „J“’s outline shine in a gold color. This vision stayed for a long time, as we were listening to „J“ speak.

Since that day I have felt different. Let me explain. I felt full, but not full of food, but satisfied overall, satisfied with the Word of God that I received in this seminar. It fills my being completely. Since this day I have not been able to  eat as much as I liked to before, normally I eat 5 or 6 tortillas, but now I only eat 1, maximum 2 and I very pleased/satisfied with only one tortilla. I started to fasting almost every day. I am now strengthened. I think it is the Presence of God in me. My body hasn’t had the need to eat so much, especially after I started to pray more. Now I do not get hungry before 1.00pm. or 2.00pm. and I feel very good. Also, if now I eat a big plate of soup, I cannot eat it completely. My body doesn´t need so much food. It is the spiritual food that satisfies me. I told to my family what is happening with me, but they don´t believe me, now that I have changed.  Now I want and I need fasting, and need to recite prayers, etc. etc. My family said, “You are a sinner.”…. They reject all that I am now doing.

Now I try to respect God. I believe more in God. And I try not to do things that God does not like, for example, lies, adultery, criticizing people, etc... I've left everything behind. I thank God for this strength that He gives me. I try to read all the messages of ‘The Book of Truth’ and persevere in prayer more and more, and also with fasting. To summarise, I try to be better, as God wants me to be.

I wish to be like Job (from the Bible), because Job was very obedient to God. I think that the people I could not see, who arrived to listen the speech, are good souls, angels. The voices that I heard in order to disturb me, they were evil thoughts. I want to tell everybody who really believes in God, “God really is with us, in each second of our lives. If we love God, then we have to love and forgive our fellows brothers and sisters. This is very important, because if we don´t forgive them, God cannot enter our hearts.” My life has changed a lot. I am in God’s peace, even if I have more problems or difficulties with my family.

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